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Miniature Horses and Equine Narcolepsy – Fainting minis are rare, but it does happen. It can be scary when it does. This article explains the disorder and what can be done if your mini has equine narcolepsy.

Signs and stages of pregnancy in mares.  If you’re new to breeding a mare its been a long eleven month wait. When will that foal be born? The signs explained in this article will help prepare you for the big event.

Signs and stages of pregnancy in mares


Four Heath Issues  Found in Draft Horses. Both purebreds and draft crossbreds, such as the Sport horse, are susceptible to certain health issues not so common in light horse breeds. Being aware and following specialized management programs can help prevent diseases like azoturia, shivers, grease heel, and junctional epidermolysis bullosa.

Four health issues found in draft horses

Clover Slobbers. In spring and summer when clover is growing you may notice your horse is exhibiting extreme slobbering. Read more to learn its cause and whether you should be worried. 

What is clover slobbers

If a Snake Bites your Horse. This is the time of year snakes are coming out of hibernation. North Carolina has its fair share of poisonous snakes so if your horse is bitten you need to know what to do.

If a snake bites your horse

Wild Horses of the East: Now know as Colonial Spanish Mustangs, North Carolina’s wild horses are fighting to survive and getting some help from their human friends.

Banker Ponies: Wild Horses of the East

Beach Riding: Galloping along the beach, hooves splashing in the surf paints a romantic picture. Read these tips on making a beach ride enjoyable for both you and your horse.

Horseback riding on the beach

Horse Questions: Even seasoned equestrians may not know all the answers when it comes to horses.

Horse questions you never thought to ask

Hoof Color: Is a white hoof a sign of a weakened foot? Read all about what determines your horse’s hoof color.

Horse hoof color

Hay Replacers: When it’s been a bad hay year and prices are soaring or, it’s just not available you may turn to a hay replacer or stretcher. What’s the difference in the two? Hay Stretcher or Hay Replacement

The Donkey Low-Down: Donkeys are becoming popular. The mini donkeys as pets and the big mammoth donkeys for trail riding. Just what is a donkey and how is it different from a horse?

The Donkey Lowdown

Bugs are Bugging My Horse: With spring and summer come horse flies, mosquitos and gnats. They are not only annoying but can cause health issues in your horses. 

External Parasites: Bugs are Bugging My Horse

Colic: Colic is a condition which can kill your horse. It has many causes and knowing those causes can go a long way to preventing your horse from having colic.

Colic can kill your horse

Hay Storage: When you’ve invested in a load of hay you want to prevent it from “going bad”. Exposed to the elements can cause mold in your hay and the sun can bleach it out, reducing some of its nutritional value. This article gives advice on the best ways to store your hay.

Storing hay for horses

How Horses See: Horses’ vision is not like ours. Knowing how it is different can explain a lot about horse behavior.

Equine Vision: How Horses See

Wounded Horses: According to Horses and Horsemanship by M.E. Ensminger, horses are more accident prone than any other class of domestic animal. Even the most careful owner will at one time or another need to treat his horse for some type of wound.

Wounded Horses

Hay Evaluation: Knowing how to evaluate hay will save you money and insure your horses is getting the best nutrition. Learn these points and be picky about the hay you feed your horses.

Hay evaluation: Getting the most hay for your money

Why Does My Horase Eat Poop?It may be alarming, and it might gross you out the first time you see your horse, especially young foals, eat poop. Learn why this happens and don’t be grossed out.

Why does my horse eat poop?