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Self-publishing has become easy and affordable. More and more authors, even those who have been published by traditional publishers, are taking the DIY approach to getting their books out to readers. But there is one disadvantage to self-publishing, and that is the lack of an editor who makes sure the final product is ready for publication. The editor not only will catch spelling, punctuation and grammar errors but help the writer with the content of their book. Even the most experienced writer will benefit from an “extra pair of eyes.”

Donna Campbell Smith offers over 30 years of experience from both sides of the editor’s desk. She has a dozen books published - both traditional and self-published - in addition to hundreds of articles in magazines. She has worked as an editor for online and print publications including serving as an editor of County Lines: A Literary Journal since its creation six years ago.

Donna works with clients who need content editing or copy-editing for book-length manuscripts as well as shorter works. Contact Donna for more information and fees.